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 C.H .MUHAMMED KOYA MEMORIAL UP SCHOOL MUNDAKKULAM is located in the area of Kizhissery Educational sub District and situated in Muthuvallur gramma panchayath. It is in the MALAPPURAM district of KERALA state. Pin code is 673638. It was established in the year 1984. The management of CHMKMUPS MUNDAKKULAM is Pvt. Aided.     It is situated Half a Kilo meter away from Mundakkulam and is at stone’s throw away from the MUNDAKKULAM - KIZHISSERY ROAD
The School aims at playing a pivotal role in disseminating  knowledge and uplifting the backward in educational, cultural and social spheres and farming leaders who are intellectually competent, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable, who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth. 


C.H Muhammad Koya memorial upper primary school was established in 1984 by the attempt made by P. Seethi Haji, the MLA. P.Unni Moideen haji was the founder manager. And the first school bearing the name of C.H Muhammad Koya memorial started functioning on May 19 th in 1984. P.Veeran Kutty was the first headmaster. Our institution has a history of 36 years. We have been fortunate enough in imparting education and insight to thousands over these years.
This school is situated in a socially and economically backward area and was fortunate enough in moulding doctors, engineers, advocates, teachers, and professionals of high cadre in society.
This institution had a very humble beginning, started temporally in a Madrassa hall with 84 students at Mundakkulam town and then shifted to a temporary shed in this present site. From this temporary shed, it developed into 5 buildings with all facilities. The journey, taken since 1984, has been a magical one, marked by splendid milestones. The tiled roof building soon grew into newer, comely, three-storied concrete buildings so that it could bring more and more children into its fold. It has a well-equipped lab, library, playground and garden. It also has 2 school buses on its own. English medium classes were started from the year 2003 onwards. It attracted private school students to join here and also popularized our public school. There are altogether 6 divisions in each class from STD V to STD VII. This institution came into being with 84 students and 3 teachers. There are at present 620 students and 24 teachers to its credit.
This school gives great importance to the development and promotion of culture, sports, character formation and personality development. Important days are observed in school. Days of National importance-Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day etc. This school comprises of students from the two communal belts and hence Onam, Ramzan, are celebrated with religious fervour.
Most of our students hail from the socially and financially backward community where the parents are poor and low educated. This school has been situated away from town and children are sent to this school from the neighbourhood and far off places. Most of the students are first-generation learners. It is greatly to the credit of the management committee that they started a school in such a socially and economically backward region. Our school has been awarded the sub-district overall championship in the sports and arts in many times. Our students also participate in the Science, Social science, Maths fair every year and win occasionally. Our School is one of the First schools in Kizhissery sub-district with the fully digitalized SMART Class Rooms which was inaugurated by the present MLA, Mr T.V Ibrahim on 18th February, in 2018. The SMART Class digital Program helps and improves teacher effectiveness and productivity. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students by making the difficult curriculum concepts to life and thereby improves the academic performance of students
We conduct Science, Maths, Social science, Work experience and IT fair (Sasthramela) at school. It is aimed at kindling the different talents of students and nurturing their skills. The fair also aims at finding out the inborn abilities of children and encouraging them to strengthen it and imparting training to practice in daily life. As the whole school was divided into four groups named after scientists. Students make still models, working models, charts and posters to present their topics. They get an opportunity to exhibit all their products in the separate exhibition hall. After the fair, Certificates are awarded for winners and participate them in sub-district level fair.
We also organise a "Kutti Chanda" (kids fair) at school premises in which homemade products were brought and sold by children at the school campus.
SEP:(Students' Enrichment Program)
We are living in a world of competition. Competition exists in all fields; in career, education, business, industry etc. Professional training is necessitated for the children to enable them to compete in this field and get achievement in life. If they get training in the primary school itself, it will help them to a great extent to reach their optimum achievement in life.
USS, NuMAT and STEP Exam are some of the competitive exams that Students face in the primary stage. Here we also implement a certain programme to prepare our children to appear and get success in these exams.SEP is an enrichment programme designed to promote brilliant and backward students to get the extreme achievement. Through this programme, they are realized their potential by boosting self-confidence and providing basic materials. It also helps them to get a foundation for their future competitive field. Under this scheme, we implement various programs.
This examination is conducted by the Govt. Education department to select educationally gifted students who are in the 7 th standards. We started a training programme with an intention to encourage each student of our institution for further studies. We give the opportunity to a huge number of students to take part in this test to grab a scholarship amount for their better future. A student scoring A grade in the quarterly exam would be given free coaching, by the beginning of every academic year. The coaching will be supported by a subject expert along with the help of documents, free test module as well. We try to show them the path of success. Our fully dedicated expert team continuously work on. The school hall is set up for this program. A big blackboard, stage, projector and sound system were arranged here.
Cracking competitive exams is clearly not a cakewalk and require some serious preparation and commitment from the aspirant. So we conduct motivational lessons by bringing prominent motivators and showing motivational videos to get them interested in the study and appear for competitive exams. Eight expert teams are entrusted to train them in the whole academic year. The parents of the selected students are convened and explained about the programme. We give sufficient instruction to do with this programme.WhatsApp group is created for further communication with both pupils and their parents. Through this programme, it also targets on Quiz competition. It equips them to participate in sub-district, district and state wise competition. We make them prepared by providing as much study materials on various subjects in the printed booklet. Collection of Model Questions and quiz questions are also provided in the bundle. Quiz competition is conducted once a week. We conduct morning class from 9 AM to 10 AM daily and holiday class from 9 to 12 pm once in a week to complete the subject portion before December month. An evaluation test will be conducted from 2 Pm to 4 Pm on every Monday.
After the Christmas Exam, we conduct intensive coaching. Model exams are conducted on every Monday using printed question papers and OMR Sheet. Question paper discussions are also conducted on the same day. Night classes are conducted every Thursday from 5 Pm to 9 PM. Subject experts from an outside deal that classes.WhatsApp group is also used as a platform for evaluation. Cash prizes are offered for first, second and third prize winners.
All these efforts have yielded tremendous results. Last year it appeared about 60 students from our school and 14 students had qualified for this scholarship. Out of them, one student was selected as Gifted Children whom the Govt. gives special coaching up to 9 the standard.
We are pretty sure the result of the USS that was conducted in this year will reflect how we worked hard for this exam.
Kerala State Council for Educational Research and Training SCERT and Kerala State Education Department conducts the NUMATS Examination to Select Gifted Children in the Subject Mathematics. The examination is conducted for the children studying in Std VI. We also give training for this Examination. Special classes, Model Exam and Learning materials are provided to them. Three students from our institution have secured first 3 ranks in the Exam that held this year in Kizhissery sub-district.
The Clubs:
The following clubs are formed by the students in order to get an advanced exposure to the respective fields. Club activities broaden the child’s horizons, both socially and in the particular field. It provides them with an opportunity to interact with peers who share common interests.
Nature Club functions effectively with a view to making the pupils learn the significance of protection of the environment and develop an interest in farming. Club has been active on the campus since last decade. The club has installed a waste dumping pit and created a small organic vegetable garden at the school to meet their needs. They also planted flowers and plants in front of campus. As a part of anti-plastic campaign students launched one day mass cleaning drive on the side of road and Mundakkulam town .Huge quantities of plastic bottles and other solid waste materials were collected during the drive, which also drew the active participation of teachers and children.
The Maths club is formed with the goal to raise the confidence level of students in the field of mathematics and to help them explore and enjoy the beauty of mathematics inside and outside the school. It conducts Maths workshops for children and also gives support for Maths fair.
Social Science Club aims at instilling democratic values and love of country in students. Seminar and school elections were conducted and preparing them for the Social science fair.
Science Club aims at improving the inventive capabilities of students and to develop an interest in science. Conduct Science Fair and prepare them for sub-district Science fair.
The Sports club is very active. The school excels in the sports field. The club encourages sports children to excel in sports. Special coaching is given in Games like football and Shuttle badminton
English club promotes to handle English communication and language. Various competitions like English Literary quiz, spelling competition, story writing and poems writing are conducted under this club.
The objective of Vidya Rangam Kala Sahitya Vedi is to discover the potentialities of students and promote them. The activities are formulated for Library Empowerment and develop an interest in reading.
Students are given special training in work experience items. It helps them to participate in school and sub-district level work experience competition.

Gandhi Darshan Club functions to make the students associate themselves with hi Gandhian Principles and ideals
I T club caters to make the students Computer Literates. In this modern world, it fosters them to handle computers at ease. A computer teacher was appointed for this purpose and allotted periods in the school time table
School Parliament aims at developing leadership qualities and democratic values in students. It functions to maintain general discipline in the school. The school election is conducted using computers and following all democratic methods.
School Leader: Ameen
Assistant School Leader: Ashmar khan
Around 600 students participate in the Noon Feeding Programme conducted in the school. Eggs and Milk are also provided twice in a week.
It is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. We have an active, enthusiastic and well supported Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We are associated with the full support of PTA and MTA, which is always there with the authority and teaching staff for the betterment of the school. The co-operation between the teachers and parents has also been exemplary.
AP Moideen Kutty
Vice Presidents :
Aslam Sherkhan
Hareendra Babu